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Hi love! Happy to see you!

You are scrolling on my webshop so I assume you believe in the power of comfort too? That’s awesome and makes me very happy!

Here you will experience comfort in different, authentic ways. By feeling the soft and pleasant fabric on your skin and the oversized & loose fit falling smoothly over your body.It’s all about the ultimate combination: creating timeless, sustainable pieces that feel comfortable to wear but at the same time make you feel feminine and fashionable.

I just want you to feel comfy and fashionable everywhere you go.

Experience comfort in every wave of life.

My logo, “the Howla-wave”, represents the beauty and intensity of nature but it also represents how we feel. One moment the ocean can act calm and easy on you, while the next moment it can change to intense and wild. Just like your feelings. One day you may feel good, calm, and motivated, the next day you feel restless and emotional, and you are harder on yourself.

The beautiful flow of life is here to experience not to judge.

What’s more important is to recognize and accept those feelings and prioritize your own well-being and happiness. Every wave/feeling tries to teach you something. Experience first and jump on another wave. But most important: don’t judge.

More about me. 

Two years ago I experienced a lot of rough waves myself. Both in my personal and business career I was in a red zone, didn’t know which way to go. And, I was quite lost in an ocean of feelings. I was dealing with excessive stress and hyperventilation. One day I was feeling quite lost and restless and someone told me think about the ocean, waves are different every single day. And when the ocean is wild and loud, we have the chance to improve our surfing skills and catch another wave over and over again.

Until we experience comfort in every wave we take/feel.

Feelings are much like waves, we can’t stop them from coming but we can choose which one to surf.

I’m super grateful you are here. Thank you for choosing to add a sustainable Howla piece to your wardrobe, I hope you will enjoy it for many years! From my heart to yours love, thanks for reading my message.

Lots of love. Lauren Wauters (founder of Howla & travel enthusiast at heart) 

PS. Contact me if you need any help or if you want to sell Howla in your shop.